We are part of a Mandate Alliance under Affluential Concepts and represent several high net-worth buyers as appointed mandates to secure large amounts of Bitcoin in a safe and efficient manner.

With our extensive network of Bitcoin OTC Buyers and Sellers all over the globe, including buyers and sellers in Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, North America and Singapore. Nakka comes in either as a mandate or an intermediary, offering great discounts and below spot price for BTC OTC transactions.

With an expertise in brokering large deals for institutional clients, we ensure that every acquisition is done with the highest standard of anonymity, security, accountability and transparency.

Nakka OTC

Multiple Protocols
Our OTC experts at Nakka can assist you with buying and selling your BTC through your preferred protocol and method ensuring that every deal is tailored specifically to the needs and expectations of our clients

We help facilitate deals and trades regardless of markets or geographical boundaries, with a network of buyers and sellers in multiple countries, we will match you to the ideal counter-party to ensure that every deal is smooth and seamless.

We ensure that every deal flow and protocol is secure and safe for our clients, prioritizing the interests, information and assets of our clients before anything else.

Anonymity and the privacy of our clients will be maintained throughout the entire process, allowing clients to buy and sell BTC under a private and controlled environment.