We understand the nuances of building an emerging technology business and the importance of having the right partners in place. Nakka does more than providing consulting, design and development services, we work closely with core team members to come in as a venture partner to co-create and co-invest in the outcome of the business. We provide access to our corporate partners to identify new opportunities for new or existing markets.

Our venture development team blends the entrepreneurial approach of startups with domain expertise in Blockchain & AI so our new product development process moves from ideation to execution in lightning speed.

Our Process

Concept Validation
We will work together with you to understand your existing business, industry and your objectives to help your business or organization unlock true digital innovation with the right product-market fit.

We work closely with you to design an initial prototype before scaling development into a market ready product. We go through a comprehensive QA and penetration testing process to ensure a successful launch.

We look for and manage the right team to sustain and improve on your digital initiatives whilst aligning with the company culture and vision that we have internalized through working hand-in-hand with the core team.

We discover new growth opportunities for you in emerging South East Asia markets like Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand where we have presence.